Why CNK?

Cate’s Nutrition and Kitchen Coaching programs are efficient and effective. The combination of nutrition counseling with grocery shopping trips and in-home cooking sessions are the perfect recipe for success in making sustainable lifestyle changes. Whether your objective is to lose weight, eat better, or reduce your risk of illness, you’ll find the information, advice and support you need to take your health to the next level. Invest in yourself and feel better now! Good health begins with nutrition, Cate’s Nutrition Kitchen.


Certified Nutritionist and Kitchen Coach, Cate Ritter focuses on natural weight loss solutions that emphasize eating for nutrients, not calories. Low-calorie diets may result in temporary weight loss, but can decrease metabolism and damage your health. Instead of counting calories, learn to eat more nourishing foods that will help you achieve your body composition goals and sustain the optimal health you deserve.

Modern Health

Did you know the foods you eat have a direct effect on how you feel? Yes, that fat-free yogurt can expand your waistline. Just one slice of wheat bread can contribute to your back pain. Over 17% of the American diet consists of sugar, which is one of the reasons why the rate of disease is on the rise. Back pain, headaches, constipation, diabetes, and weight gain, are just some of the symptoms related to a poor diet. CNK addresses the underlying causes of these problems so you can experience a long-term plan for pain-free living.

The Solution

CNK programs focus on enjoying more natural, nutrient-dense foods, such as high quality vegetables, fruits, proteins and fats. These foods don’t come in a box, a bag or a can. They don’t contain dyes, chemicals or words you can’t pronounce. They’re whole foods, not processed products.

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“I have interviewed a lot of nutrition experts throughout my 13 year journalism career and I must admit Cate is one of the best. Cate is a charming, fresh approach to great health and nutrition. From her delicious recipes to her easy to follow nutritional guide, Cate is a valuable tool for anyone looking to lead a healthier life.”

Susan Casper, News Anchor & Journalist ABC15 News

“If it didn’t have legs, wings, fins or come out of the ground or off a tree, then you probably shouldn’t eat it. When Cate tells you that, suddenly you realize how many things in your diet you probably shouldn’t be eating. Love her simple, yet logical approach to food.”

Ron Kaspriske, Golf Fitness Editor, Golf Digest

“Cate’s style of coaching and her resources are simple, powerful and engaging. As she says ‘doable and delicious.’ I can’t think of any better approach to help people adopt and sustain healthier eating practices that work and are enjoyable. Her style shapes healthy new habits and improves quality of life. And as an added bonus, weight loss and improvements in body composition occur as a by-product. I am so grateful I can refer my clients to her. She takes a sea of confusion and quiets it down to a stream of usable knowledge.”

David Jack, Fitness Professional, Men’s Health and Women’s Health Contributor and regular guest on the Katie Couric Show

“Cate is one of those rare teachers who possess the gifts of insight, to ‘see and feel’ the needs of her clients. A consummate professional! I recommend her nutrition coaching to all my athletes.”

Katherine Roberts, Founder and President, Yoga for Golfers

“Cate’s simple, yet effective cooking concepts blew me away. She makes eating healthy a tasty and fun experience.”

Dr. Andre Silano, Owner, All Star Health

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Monterey Bay Area, Monterey Peninsula, and Monterey County including Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Pacific Grove, Monterey, Carmel Highlands, Carmel Valley, Seaside, Marina, Big Sur, as well as the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Watsonville, Gilroy, Hollister & San Jose