This is our Avinol PM review. This product claims to be a sleep aid that will naturally, and safely, help you achieve deep rest.

It uses some promising ingredients, like L-Theanine and melatonin.

But there is some concern with the rest of the formula. Particularly, we’re not so sure about the proprietary blend in Avinol PM.

Keep reading as we check Avinol PM’s benefits, dosage instructions, and side effects to see if it is a good value for money.

Pros and Cons

Avinol PM is an interesting supplement, to say the least.

The ingredient formula itself is actually quite good; it contains a few proven relaxants and sleep aids such as l-theanine and magnesium.

The problem is, most of the ingredients in Avinol PM are in a proprietary blend. In other words, the dosage facts are hidden. You can’t tell if the ingredients will work or not.

It’s a bit disappointing, considering the potential of this supplement.

It makes no sense to hide important dosage facts from customers. It only makes you seem less trustworthy and confident in your own product.

Anyways, here are the key positive and negative points of this Avinol PM review:


  • Great dosage of L-Theanine
  • A few good sleep aids
  • Safe


  • Poor quality of the ingredients (e.g. magnesium oxide which is poorly absorbed in the body)
  • Some ingredient dosages are unknown as they’re in a proprietary blend
  • Questionable company reputation

Who Makes Avinol PM?

We were far from impressed by Avinol PM’s website. There’s little to no information about the company, and the site itself looks basic and outdated.

Some users have even taken their frustrations to online forums saying that they got recurring credit card charges from the company without their permission.

That said, the company says on their website that Avinol PM is fully refundable. If you don’t like it, you have 30 days to return the product and they promise to get you your money back – except the shipping costs.

If you do wish to try the product, it’s best to order it from Amazon instead. It seems like a more reliable option and the price on Amazon is lower too (we’ll go more into this below).