• Positives

    • Great dosage of L-Theanine
    • Some good sleep aids in ingredients
    • No question marks over safety
  • Negatives

    • Quality of some ingredients (e.g. magnesium oxide which is poorly absorbed in the body)
    • Some ingredient dosages are unknown as they're wrapped in a proprietary blend
    • Difficult to establish company reputation and history
    • Online reports of recurring charges
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall: 5.5/10

In this Avinol PM review we will find out whether the claims made by the manufacturer stand up, and we’ll help you decide whether this product is suitable for you.

Avinol PM is a natural sleep aid designed to naturally, and safely, help you enjoy a good night through better sleep quality.

The product contains a number of the ingredients we’d expect to see in the top sleep aids (such as L-Theanine and melatonin), there are question marks. Particularly in relation to the proprietary blend in Avinol PM.

Keep reading as we check Avinol PM’s benefits, dosage instructions, and side effects to see if it is a good value for money.

Pros and Cons

Avinol PM is an interesting supplement, to say the least.

The ingredient formula itself is actually quite good; it contains a few proven relaxants and sleep aids such as l-theanine and magnesium which have been shown to improve sleep quality.

The problem is, most of the ingredients in Avinol PM are in a proprietary blend. In other words, the dosage facts are hidden. You can’t tell if the ingredients will work or not because we have no idea how much of them are present in the product.

It’s a bit disappointing, considering the potential of this supplement.

It makes no sense to hide important dosage facts from customers. It only makes you seem less trustworthy and confident in your own product.

Who Makes Avinol PM?

We were far from impressed by Avinol PM’s website. There’s little to no information about the company, and the site itself looks basic and outdated.

Some users have even taken their frustrations to online forums saying that they got recurring credit card charges from the company without their permission.

That said, the company says on their website that Avinol PM is fully refundable. If you don’t like it, you have 30 days to return the product and they promise to get you your money back – except the shipping costs, which is normal practice.

If you do wish to try the product, it’s best to order it from Amazon instead. It seems like a more reliable option and the price on Amazon is lower too (we’ll go more into this below).


If you’re new to sleep supplements, you might wonder how they work.

Basically, they use ingredients – in most cases certain herbs and nutrients – that lead to relaxation. These ingredients often promote chemicals in your brain that help you relax, unwind, and fall asleep faster.

With Avinol PM specifically, it uses a combination of herbal and synthetic ingredients, including melatonin and lemon balm.

Key selling points of Avinol PM are:

  • Helps you fall asleep and stay asleep
  • Wake up refreshed the next day
  • Fast, non-addictive results
  • Safe

Now, we’ve reviewed quite a few sleep formulas in the past and there’s a lot of junk out there if we’re being honest. Finding a supplement that truly lives up to its claims is not easy. If you’ve looked for an effective and natural sleep aid before, you know that very well.

So, can Avinol PM prove to be an exception to the rule? Can it be a supplement that will actually give you your money’s worth?

We’ll know after we check its ingredients.


avinol pm ingredients

The ingredients themselves are good.

For example, Avinol PM contains L-Theanine which is known to help with mood and relaxation. There’s also lemon balm in there, and other safe ingredients.

But herein lies the problem. Almost every one of those ingredients is a part of one tiny proprietary blend (100mg). This is surprising because the blend is stuffed with ingredients, yet it’s so small. And that is worrying.

For example, lemon balm is one of the ingredients in this blend. And you need at least 100mg of lemon balm alone for it to work. But the entire blend is 100mg in total, so there cannot possibly be enough lemon balm in the blend.

It’s also let down by the fact that the ingredient dosages aren’t shown. We also noticed a few filler ingredients that only increase the dead weight of this supplement.

Let’s analyze all of the ingredients in detail;


Insufficient dose to work.

Calcium is more of a filler ingredient in Avinol PM. It can help with neuron to neuron signaling in certain cases, but the dosage here is 45mg, which is only 5% of your daily requirement for calcium.


Calms the nerves, but comes in the form with very low absorption.

Magnesium is an essential mineral that has multiple nootropic benefits. It helps you think clearer (alleviates brain fog), calms your nerves and helps with mood. However, it’s sad to see magnesium oxide in Avinol PM. This is the least bioavailable form of magnesium. Meaning, your body has a hard time absorbing it. The ugly truth is that most of it is flushed down the toilet. (1)

Hops flower powder

Promotes GABA, which calms the nerves.

Hops are the flowers of a plant that’s used as an ingredient in beer. It’s a natural sedative that can help you sleep. Now, how do hops achieve these effects?

It’s through the release of GABA. Hops stimulate this brain chemical which is linked with feelings of peace, relaxed mood, and sleepiness. (2)

GABA also works to inhibit glutamate, which is a neurotransmitter that can make you anxious when there’s too much of it floating around. Thus, GABA can help you with anxiety, irritability, and other mood issues too.

It’s true that hops don’t boost GABA that much. But they are natural and safe. So even if it might not be the best ingredient, it can certainly help if you find yourself tossing and turning in bed all night.

Valerian Root extract

May support a relaxed and positive mood.

You’ll often see Valerian in sleep supplements. That’s because it’s believed to calm the racing mind, helping you get to that place of rest.

However, Valerian has more rumors going for it than it does scientific evidence. While it might have some benefits, experts aren’t sure just how effective it is. So far no reputable study has shown any huge improvements in terms of sleep quality from valerian alone. (3)


Doesn’t cross the blood-brain barrier.

We now know that GABA is effective for calming the racing mind and helping you fall asleep easier. However, increasing GABA production in the brain is one thing, and taking GABA directly in a pill is another.

GABA isn’t very well absorbed by your gut. What’s more, when you take GABA directly, it probably won’t cross your blood-brain barrier. Your brain wants GABA to stay in the brain. That’s why it’s a rather pointless ingredient in Avinol PM. (4)

Chamomile Flower Powder

Chamomile tea is a better and cheaper option than a supplement.

Who hasn’t heard of chamomile tea? This traditional drink is actually very popular for helping with sleep, relaxation, and other benefits of that nature. It’s delicious and caffeine-free, so it won’t interfere with your sleep like green tea. (5)

It turns out there’s a good reason why chamomile tea works so well for sleep. It’s because of apigenin. An antioxidant that helps with anxiety and sedation.

But taking chamomile extracts or plant parts in pill form might not give you the same benefits. There’s no reputable research to confirm it will.

Just drink chamomile tea instead. It’s cheaper and probably more effective too.

Passionflower Powder

Passion flower powder is another ingredient with a lack of research.

This is another potential sleep aid. However, much like with Valerian, this ingredient doesn’t have evidence that shows it can improve your sleep on its own. We’re yet to see one reputable clinical study that shows these results. There are definitely better ingredients to choose for a sleep aid.

Lemon Balm Concentrate

Safe and natural sleep aid.

Now, lemon balm is a legit ingredient. It’s not like other ‘traditional remedies’ in that it only has anecdotal evidence. Lemon balm has actual scientific research proving it works.

It appears to be particularly good at helping with anxiety-related sleep issues. This includes reliving those restless thoughts when you’re trying to fall asleep. (6)

Lemon balm does have the minimum active dosage of 100mg though. Avinol PM’s total proprietary blend is 100mg!


Supports sleep and mood, but doesn’t work well for everyone.

5-HTP is a direct precursor to serotonin. This is your brain’s happy chemical. Now, 5-HTP is an iffy ingredient because it works in some people, and doesn’t in others. It’s not absorbed in the gut very well. (7)

We’d much rather recommend taking its precursor, l-tryptophan. Which your body can use to make as much 5-HTP as it needs.

Supplementing with 5-HTP directly can also lead to side effects in rare cases. That’s why it’s not our favorite ingredient in a sleep supplement.


Simple and effective sleep aid.

Melatonin is a great ingredient for sleep. Your body naturally produces it at night. Our busy lifestyles can impair this natural melatonin release though. This includes computer screens, stress, and other factors that hinder the production of melatonin.

Luckily, taking 2-5g of melatonin is shown to help with everything from sleep latency, duration, quality, and even jet lag. (8)


Helps you unwind from stress.

Theanine is an amino acid exclusively found in some mushrooms, and more commonly, in green tea.

It helps you sleep in two ways (9):

  1. GABA – Theanine helps your body produce more of this brain chemical, which, as we’ve discussed, calms your entire nervous system down.
  2. Alpha brain waves – Theanine is shown to increase alpha brainwaves which link to states of peace, calm, and deep focus.

Avinol PM gives us plenty of Theanine, too. The same unfortunately can’t be said for the rest of the ingredients!

Anything Missing?

Is there an ingredient that would make Avinol PM’s formula better?

Well, one of our favorite ingredients is Montmorency tart cherry. Supplements like Performance Lab Sleep use it for good reason; it’s a source of natural melatonin, the same one that your brain makes.

For this reason, we would definitely like to see the synthetic melatonin in Avinol PM replaced with Montmorency tart cherry.

Tryptophan is another ingredient that’s great for sleep. Avinol PM uses 5-HTP, which as we said, may not be the best choice for sleep. Tryptophan naturally converts to 5-HTP in the body when needed, which is a much more effective and natural way of improving sleep.

Dosage Instructions

The instructions on the label of Avinol PM say to take 1 capsule before bedtime. Ideally, you’ll want to take it on an empty stomach for fast absorption.

The entire packaging has 30 capsules. Which is great, because Avinol PM will last you a full month with this dosage.

Side Effects

One very positive thing about this Avinol PM review is that we haven’t found any side effects from testing this supplement.

The ingredient dosages are small. This includes the proprietary blend which only totals 100mg. All in all, Avinol PM seems like a relatively safe sleep aid to us.

That said, we do recommend talking to your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. This can be helpful if you’re unsure if any of the ingredients in Avinol PM might not sit well with you.

Price And Value For Money?

If you’re looking to buy Avinol PM, you’ll want to know about the best prices and offers.

The official website offers 1 box (30 servings) for $79.95. This is an extremely high price tag for any supplement, let alone a simple sleep aid.

And if we’re being completely honest, it seems like a total ripoff. Especially considering the quality of the product and company reputation.

If you’re going to buy Avinol PM, we suggest checking its price on Amazon. The price tends to be drastically lower there.

Avinol PM – Conclusion

It’s hard to wrap our head around a product like Avinol PM.

While it uses some great ingredients – such as L Theanine and magnesium – the rest of the formula is below mediocre.

Some ingredients are completely ineffective and only serve as dead weight that raises the total price. Seems like a profit tactic to us.

Not to mention that it’s all nicely packed in one tiny proprietary blend. So you can’t see the dosages of each ingredient inside.

Avinol PM might work. Should you purchase? We just don’t think it’s worth the price. At least not the one on the official website.

If you should take anything from this or other reviews, it’s to do proper research before buying any supplement. If you still do wish to try Avinol PM, then we suggest checking other 3rd party sites which offer this product at much lower (and more realistic) prices.

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  • Shayna November 19, 2020

    I tried their 30 day trial pack and found it very helpful, but I will not pay their asking price so will look for other sites as suggested.

    • Jim Cates November 26, 2020

      Thanks for your comment Shayna, let us know if you find a better alternative.

      Best, Jim.

    • D. Tucker December 4, 2021

      I like how you have broken down the pros and cons of Avinol PM but customer service issues should not be overlooked depending on how you purchased this product.
      I am the type of customer who wants the health products I purchase to WORK regardless of the chemistry, packaging or its advertising.
      I tried Avinol PM and unfortunately it didn’t do the things its packaging and online ads state to help with my sleep issues.
      For those who say in reviews that it is wonderful, I am very happy for you.
      My two big issues with Avinol PM other than it not helping with my sleep issues are its high costs (Amazon and Brick and Mortar stores seem far less than ordering directly from Avinol PM’s website) and the disappointing customer service issues with refunds, auto-shipping and your ability to cancel overall if you have to venture in that area with your purchase.
      I again like how this site broke down what these supplements should do and can do.
      I wanted Avinol PM to help me but it did not.

  • MaryAnn Meese November 30, 2020

    I am a die hard night person. As a child I couldn’t fall asleep easily. For years I have been prescribed sleeping pills. Even with prescription drugs it takes me over an hour to fall asleep, sometimes 2-3 hours. Occasionally more. Usually I am very skeptical of over the drugs to help me fall sleep. But I found Avinol PM to be helpful. I would recommend trying it.

  • Barbara Lee January 18, 2021

    Barbara Lee, I still can’t sleep well