• Positives

    • Strong ingredients profile
    • Highly standardized, concentrated forms
    • Suitable for vegans
    • cGMP Manufactured
    • Reputable company
    • Stimulant free
    • Available worldwide, expedited shipping optional
  • Negatives

    • Premium product = premium price
    • No appetite control
    • Only available from official website
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall: 9.4/10

Burn Lab Pro Review

If you’re new to natural fat burners, you’d be forgiven for thinking that more is more – the supplement with the most ingredients on the label is the best.

Maybe it feels like you’re covering the most bases. Or that you’re getting better value for money.

However … increasingly the top brands are favoring quality over quantity. Proven natural fat burning choices in safe doses. And not only that – picking high quality, highly standardized versions of those ingredients.

Opti Nutra have used their new Burn Lab Pro to come up with a highly focused product with just four laser-guided ingredients. In typical, highly scientific Opti Nutra style, this product is designed to:

  • Stimulate fat-splitting enzymes and fat-burning hormones
  • Increases energy expenditure for peak calorie-burning during exercise
  • Optimize hormones that drive metabolism and muscle growth
  • Regulate blood sugar, appetite and fat storage
  • Preserve lean muscle mass during fasted and non-fasted training

Burn Lab Pro don’t use hidden proprietary blends. In fact typically they set the pace with a fully disclosed formula, and then lots of imposters try to copy it.

Interestingly, it’s not accurate to call this entirely natural. Components have been replicated and standardised in a lab.

This is done by using a process called BioGenesis. Natural ingredients replicated in a controlled environment to make sure nutrients are equally potent and balanced. As great as nature is there are always going to be variations in quality, due to growing location and techniques. Burn Lab Pro removes this inconsistency.

Interesting, eh? Let’s check it out.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Coleus Forskholli to burn fat
  • HMB to cut excess weight and retain muscle
  • Cayenne pepper to promote thermogenesis
  • BioPerine® to enable effective absorption

We will dig into these ingredients (and the particular versions present in this product) later. For now, the overall scores …</strong

The Scores


Before we talk about the specific ingredients, it’s important to understand a couple of things about Burn Lab Pro, as they are no ordinary supplement company.

Burn Lab Pro have a ‘Healthy for Daily Use’ policy and go for quality over quantity. Safety first. That means no headline-grabbing ‘mega dosing’, and they prefer to pay more for highly standardized patented variants of ingredients where available. When not available, you can be sure they will choose the most bioavailable form, and maximize absorption and efficiency.

Burn Lab Pro doesn’t contain anything we’d turn our nose up at or specifically advise against. Coleus Forskholli is a solid choice and well dosed. Cayenne pepper has proven thermogenic effects and HMB is unrivaled when it comes to mitigating muscle loss during fasted exercise regimes.


At $59 for a box, Burn Lab Pro is far from the most expensive option. But nobody’s pretending it’s cheap either.

However – fat burners are not a lifestyle product, you don’t use them continuously for prolonged periods. You would generally buy a few months worth, lose the weight in combination with a diet and exercise, and then when you are down to fighting weight again you manage it without fat burning supplements.



There’s really nothing which concerns as far as trusting Burn Lab Pro. For a start there are no proprietary blends, as well as a no GMO or additives promise.

Plus the supplement is made on FDA registered, GMP approved premises. Customers are given a 30 day money back guarantee as standard.

Anyone suspicious of the BioGenesis process needn’t be. It’s basically just lab controlled herb growth to ensure the highest potency. So while technically synthetic, there’s no interference with chemicals or anything like that. It’s a similar process to the one used to produce probiotic drinks you find in health food shops.


There are no testimonials on the Burn Lab Pro website, the focus is much more on breaking down the science. As great as it is to be let in on why everything works the way it does, the lack of user reviews is unfortunate. It’s always helpful to hear from other people’s detailed experiences.

It’s especially frustrating given you can only get Burn Lab Pro from the official website. That means no customer feedback from anywhere else either. If you do some online legwork yourself, you will find reports from users which is generally positive, but a strong testimonial section is always preferable.


Burn Lab Pro are owned by London based company Opti-Nutra Ltd, who have been in operation about 4 years. In that time though Opti Nutra have produced a huge amount of supplements, designed to tie in together and optimize health. Pre and post workout, testosterone boosters, BCAAs, nootropics you name it.

We couldn’t find any scams or scandals but we did find plenty of satisfied customers. So we can officially confirm these guys are legit.

How Do I Take It?

We’re advised to take three capsules a day and that’s it. Apparently it’s up to you when you take them, in one sitting or two.

Burn Lab Pro Side Effects?

There’s nothing hear that should cause users any problems. However, Coleus Forskholli can be bad for pregnant women, so if you’ve got a baby on board, give this a miss.

[Editor’s Note: Supplements are never recommended for pregnant women – a) the risk is too great and b) nobody is mad enough to risk their unborn child by testing out supplements whilst pregnant, so they are therefore untested on pregnant women.]

Where Can I Get It?

Burn is only available from the official site, so there’s no shopping around for discounts.

A month’s supply will set you back $59 or £40 and free shipping is available on orders over $200/£150.

It is available worldwide however, and there are expedited shipping options if you really positively have to have it as quickly as possible.

Ingredients – In Detail

Coleus Forskholli

Coleus Forskholli (as Forslean®)

Coleus Forskholli has been a staple of traditional medicine for centuries and more recently found a place in modern medicine. It’s useful in supplements like this one as it promotes levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). Studies show higher cAMP in our system is linked to greater fat burning.

Don’t be surprised if you see Forskholli pops up in other kinds of supplement either. Fat burning benefits isn’t all this has to offer. Anti-inflammatory properties, higher testosterone and improved bone health have all been traced back to use of the herb

For all these reasons we’d class 250mg of Forskholli as a good choice. And as you’d expect, they don’t use the standard generic version. This product includes Forslean®, a patented lab standardized verions supplying a minimum of 10% active forskolin.


B-Hydroxy B-Methybutyrate


B-Hydroxy B-Methybutyrate is a product of the amino acid leucine. When taken along with exercise has shown fat burning properties.

Importantly it also seems to prevent protein breakdown, helping us to hold onto muscle mass and improve recovery. This ensures we’re only losing the right kind of weight during a diet.

The first study listed below showed that;

This study showed, regardless of gender or training status, HMB may increase upper body strength and minimize muscle damage when combined with an exercise program.


Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper (as Capsimax®)

Cayenne pepper’s key ingredient is capsicum, because it’s active compound providing serious heat. That’s right, the very same thing which burns our mouth if we overdo it in a recipe [Editor: Try again] is what will help us burn fat.

Thermogenesis is the process whereby our body heats up, causing extra calories to melt away. Then, as our system expends energy re-regulating itself, additional calories are shed again. It’s a way of losing weight without doing anything or even really noticing. Although, it’s most effective when paired with sensible workouts, so no slacking.

The variant used here is Capsimax®. A patented version standardized to 2% capsaicinoids, with active ingredients in buffered OmniBead™ microspheres. The microspheres delay the absorption so that they do not impact the orally or gastrically, and are processed by the lower intestine.


Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract (as BioPerine®)

Black pepper doesn’t actually have any direct fat burning qualities of its own, so why is it here? To work those stomach muscles by causing a sneezing fit?

Well no, that would just be daft. In fact black pepper is known to help our bodies more fully absorb the other active nutrients in a formula. That’s why it’s always worthwhile. As a result you’ll see it used in supplements across the board.

BioPerine® is a premium trademarked version from the Sabinsa Corporation, it is standardized for min. 95% piperine meaning that


Anything missing?

The absentee that sticks out instantly is caffeine.

However, this is becoming more and more common in 2021. There is a significantly reduced market for high caffeine fat burners. You want caffeine? Have a coffee.

You don’t need to be paying for it in $59 fat burners, the product contains ingredients you can’t easily acquire on every high street.


Burn Lab Pro is a very impressive burner. They haven’t felt the need to cram tons of ingredients into the product. They’ve taken four superstar fat burning ingredients and supercharged them.

It is selective. What is there is there in highly bioavailable form. Premium form. And in safe but effective dosages, with no stimulants.

It’s a well thought out product, and it constitutes excellent value for money. Highly recommended.

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