• Positives

    • A few good fat burning ingredients
    • Reasonable price
    • Impressive company
  • Negatives

    • Missing key choices
    • A couple of unconvincing inclusions
    • Serving schedule could be improved
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall: 7.7/10

Drop Factor Review

There are lots of factors that go into successfully losing weight. Not just diet and exercise, but also things like mind-set and commitment.

If you feel you’ve got all those various aspects down though and are still not getting the desired results, a natural fat burner can be useful to just to help put you over the top.

That’s where the appropriately named Drop Factor from MTS Nutrition hopes to come in. This thermogenic burner promises to:

  • Burn fat
  • Support energy

Not a lot when you consider the mass of marketing and claims that surrounds some of these products. We actually like the straight to the point, focused approach however. After all we’re looking to lose weight, not patience.

MTS Nutrition Drop Factor

For the most part Drop Factors ingredients and their dosages are right there on the label which is great. There is one small proprietary blend, but in fairness everything that counts is accounted for.

So let’s see if this brand drops the pounds or the ball…

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Caffeine to boost metabolism
  • Teacrine allegedly a smoother longer lasting stimulant
  • Cayenne pepper for thermogenesis
  • Cocoa to encourage weight loss
  • Yohimbe to promote fat burning
  • Coleus forskohlii to support weight loss & hormones

The Scores

Drop Factor

Drop Factor has good levels of caffeine, cayenne pepper and yohimbe, ensuring it’s doing a few things right, but it’s a little gimmicky in places. We’re not convinced by the teacrine or the fruit and veg blend for example. They might be harmless, but equally they might be pointless.

Coleus forskohlii might be of some use but there are many better options which are missing and would’ve made Drop Factor a much more serious player in the burner market.


Available for around $30, Drop Factor is pretty middle of the road for this kind of supplement price wise. Not unlike its quality in fact.

The argument could be made then that it’s a decent budget option if you can’t afford the more premium burners. Then again you could just say it’s better to wait and save if max results are what you’re after.


We’re assured by its makers that Drop Factor gets rave reviews and if you take the time to look at user reviews, the positives do tend to outweigh the negatives.

Unfortunately though, it’s far from a clean sweep and the views normally lack the detail of a full and thorough testimonial, so it’s difficult to get an overall sense of how good it really is.


It’s rare for us to give such a high score on trust to a brand that contains a proprietary blend (even just a little one) but Drop Factor does a lot right. Not only is it made in the U.S complying with GMP regulations, but there’s also positive studies provided for nearly all ingredients. Only Teacrine and the blend are missed. It’s not the full story but it’s a nice touch.

Also they deserve props for recognizing the dangers of synephrine and cutting it from their previous recipe.


MTS Nutrition is built around and by its founder Marc Lobliner, who was inspired to pursue natural fitness owing to his family background. In an unusually open mission statement he talks of a drug addicted mother and overweight father as his inspirations.

Since 2011 the company has produced a number of supplements covering every aspect of fitness. They may not be as established as some of the bigger names but they certainly seem legitimate and well intentioned.

How Do I Take It?

You taper your servings in order to gauge your body’s tolerance for the stimulants, which is smart.

Could be smarter though. Putting servings far apart like that means there’s likely to be some lag in effectiveness in between times. They may fall back on teacrine to explain this away, but the evidence just isn’t strong enough.

Far better to go for burners that just add another couple of servings, to top things up and plug the gaps.

Any Drop Factor Side Effects?

If the caffeine is too much for you, then expect the Espresso Blues. Racing heart, headaches, nausea, insomnia etc.

Yohimbe on the other hand can cause hypertension, stomach problems or anxiety in rare cases.

Where Can I Get It?

Drop Factor is available from Tiger Fitness for $36 and Predator Nutrition in the U.K for £37

Ingredients – In Detail


Theobromine, or cocoa powder, surprisingly pops up in quite a few fat burners. We say surprisingly because there’s not a whole lot of evidence that it helps with weight management at all. A few trials have shown positive results, but that’s probably not enough to justify 250mg here



Caffeine on the other hand is a real staple of most quality fat burners. It has a triple action in that it boosts metabolism, supports energy during diets and also helps to supress cravings. It gets a bad rep in some quarters, but it’s really all about the dose. 250mg is effective but if you’re sensitive to stimulants you might feel it initially.




That’s where Teacrine supposedly comes in. This nutrient is meant to generally take the edge off caffeine. No hyperactivity, no crashing, just an all-round smoother ride.

Again though there’s not a whole lot of scientific support for the idea of it being a help, so this 62.5mg could’ve been used better.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is a really strong pick. The active capsaicin which gives peppers their heat will raise your body temperature, burning more calories in the process. Then the body expends even more as it attempts to cool itself back down. That’s the thermogenesis everyone bangs on about, so 150mg is great.


Fruit and veg blend

PolyphORAC Blend

The PolyphORAC Blend is just a selection of powdered fruit and veg nutrients, including things like grapeseed and broccoli powder. It’s not really worth going into in detail because it’s really only there to provide antioxidants. There are better ways to use 48mg however.

Coleus forskohlii

Some studies do show that Coleus forskohlii has a positive effect on weight loss. It’s thought to be more effective in men than women because it can cause a slight rise in testosterone which is a fat burner in its own right. All that said, there are more convincing ingredients out there more worthy of 125mg



Despite only using 5mg, yohimbe is one of the more promising choices here. Even at such a low dose it’s been seen to help regulate the alpha receptors in our body which limit the natural fat burning process. It may also be a help in controlling appetite. There is an outside chance of side effects though.


Bio pepirine

Simply black pepper to help your body better absorb ingredients.

Anything Missing?

Not only would green tea have added to the thermogenic power of Drop Factor, it would also bring many of the antioxidants championed in the rather needless blend.


Marc Lobliner’s heart is clearly in the right place with MTS Nutrition and with Drop Factor so are a few of the ingredients.

Unfortunately, Drop Factor is still missing that X factor that we look for to make it one of our top fat burners. Not bad but if you’re expecting the best then one of the things you’ll have to drop is your expectations.

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