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Last 10lbs fat burner from Enyotics Health Sciences Inc. is a supplement which makes its unique selling point the ability to help you over the finish line in your journey to the ideal physique.

Last 10 Lbs

Key to this product’s appeal is speed; if you have to burn extra weight in a short period of time for a competition or event then Last 10lbs promises you can lose up too twice as much unwanted excess in just 2 weeks as you would with another brand or through exercise alone.

Great in theory but how does it play out in practise? Let’s take a look.

How Does Last 10lbs Work?
Straight away we’re frustrated with the ingredient profile as it is a proprietary blend, meaning we can’t say for sure how much of any one component features. Add to that the fact that the total volume is a relatively light 403mg spread over several different elements and straight away expectations aren’t high. Many fat burners have higher levels of just one ingredient.

ADIPROMIN is a proprietary blend within a proprietary blend, which given our feelings on that subject makes this supplement a veritable Russian Doll of annoyance for us. It contains the following nutrients: Curcuma longa, Moringa oliefera, Marraya konegii, all of which are connected to benefits like regulated blood sugars, increased nitric oxide levels and anti-inflammatory properties. Doubtful there’s enough of any of these to make a major impact though.

Caffeine Anhydrous
Caffeine is a great choice. It’s just about the most effective natural stimulant you can find, helping to speed up the metabolism, burning through far more fat than usual and providing vital energy to prevent crashes associated with a low calorie diet. Given the fact that caffeine can cause unpleasant side effects if you take too much, it would be nice to have an idea of how much we’re dealing with.

Green Coffee Bean
Green coffee bean is a strong selection, not, as you might expect, for any notable caffeine content, but instead for its chlorogenic acid. This prevents the breakdown of glucose, robbing the body of it as an energy source. In need of something else to keep it going your system starts to burn off its excess fat stores. Again though, that’s assuming there’s enough here to do the job.

Not a fat burner per se, but has shown an ability in some studies to improve cognition and focus. This may also help with any sluggishness resulting from a reduction in calorie intake and allow you to keep exercising effectively.

Raspberry Ketone
There was huge amount of enthusiasm surrounding raspberry ketone as a fat burner when it was first championed on Dr Oz’s TV show, but in reality any weight loss credentials it has have only been proven in rats at massive doses. The scaling that would be required to replicate results in humans would be huge, far more than 403mg.

How Many Servings A Day?
Unusually there a serving choice for consumers with this supplement. You can either go for one serving of 2 capsules a day if you’re not on the clock to lose weight, or, for maximum results it’s suggested you add two further servings of 2 capsules spaced no more than 4hrs apart. The latter of these is far better for keeping active ingredients working consistently throughout the day, or would if we weren’t dealing with a total of 403mg.

What About Side Effects?
There’s nothing that gives us any serious concern here. If the caffeine is heavy that could be a problem but reports don’t seem to suggest that.

Where Can I Get Last 10lbs?
This supplement is available from the GNC website for just under $30 or Amazon.com for $15. It is not currently available in the U.K.


Last 10 lbs

Ingredients: 43% – Not enough, is the story of this supplement. Not enough genuinely good ingredients and not enough ingredients in total. Only green coffee bean and caffeine are really standout and with only a small total volume, it’s doubtful these two can meet expectations on their own.

Price: 69% – Under $30 is not half bad but for what you’re getting here it’s a little overpriced, especially if you’re taking the larger dose and going through your supply more quickly.

Testimonials: 23% – There’s no dedicated testimonials section on the company website meaning you’re left with customer reviews, which always have their own problems as far reliability and in this case are predominantly negative.

Trustworthiness: 40% – There’s nothing dangerous about Last 10lbs, but the claims this supplement makes just aren’t backed up by either the quality or quantity of ingredients on display. Raspberry ketones in particular are a misleading inclusion.

Company: 71% – Enyotics Health Sciences is an American based company with a limited range of supplements produced in line with the country’s Good Manufacturing Practices. Focus Fast is their other flagship brand and really the only problem we could find were the questionable formula choices and proprietary blend usage.

Last 10lbs would be a really useful part of any weight loss regime if it was able to make good on what it promised.

Unfortunately in practice Last 10lbst is more likely to be a last resort as there are far better options available.

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