• Positives

    • Good selection of proven fat burners
    • Huge amount of green coffee bean
    • No proprietary blends
    • Available Worldwide
    • cGMP manaufactured in FDA approved premises in USA
    • Effective serving schedule
    • All Natural
    • Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Negatives

    • Only available from manufacturer
    • Cayenne pepper slightly under dosed
    • Premium price
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall: 9.0/10

Leanbean Review

You might well see a natural fat burner aimed at women and just dismiss it as a gimmick. Anything to get an edge of the competition, right?

Actually though, research shows women’s biological makeup does make it harder for them to cut unwanted weight. So while there’s no shame in any of us getting an organic helping hand to stay in peak shape, girls arguably deserve it more than most.

So we’re always on the lookout for quality supplements specifically for the female body and the latest to catch our eye is Leanbeanfrom Ultimate Life.

Lean Bean

It promises to help you create your dream body by using its effective, natural formula to:

  • Suppress Appetite
  • Accelerate Metabolism

Without the use of stimulants like caffeine. It’s not strictly stim free (as you’ll see below), but it is ‘Ultra Low Stim’.

We’re off to a good start as there are no proprietary blends to obscure the formula. All the nutrients are there on the label with their individual dosages. We like up-front and honest, you’d be surprised how many supplements are suspiciously shy with the facts.

Let’s see if Leanbean can keep its good start going where it really matters.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Green coffee bean & green tea to burn fat
  • Cayenne powder to promote thermogenisis
  • Glucommanan to help to stave off cravings
  • Turmeric for thermogenesis and increased metabolism

The Scores


Leanbean’s formula is strong. There’s solid 200mg of proven fat burner green tea and a huge 6000mg amount of green coffee bean.

We rate green coffee highly, but can’t help feeling some of that volume could’ve been shared out among the other good ingredients. If we were to make any changes we’d sarifice some of the green coffee bean and boost up the 60mg of top thermogenic cayenne pepper.

Garcinia cambogia is there for serotonin and satiety (a form of appetite suppression), but the ununusual turmeric which is given star billing. It’s not a fat burning ingredient that we see a lot of, Leanbean have included it in place of Caffeine Anhydrous as can promote thermogenesis and accelerates metabolism.

The formula is not perfect though. We are not a fan of raspberry ketones, but it’s been included to keep it on-trend, and since we’re only losing 8mg of the formula to that we’ll overlook it.


At almost $60 for a month’s supply this is certainly not cheap. However, we know that you pay for what you get. None of the premium products that end up on the medals podium are cheap.

There’s enough quality here in the product and the company behind it to rate it at good value for money.


Leanbean is only available from the official website so we have to rely on the testimonial section to discover more about user experience. Naturally you’d expect these to be positive and they are, but crucially they have plenty of detail.

Names, in-depth written statements, before and after pictures and in some case video. This actually makes them more valuable than the rushed, often anonymous feedback or star ratings you get on retail sites.

One small improvement might be more of a spread of ages in the women giving testimonials, but other than that, we can’t fault them.


It’s also hard to pick fault on the trust front with this product. It’s made in FDA licenced remises and is manufactured to cGMP standards.

Again there are no proprietary blends so it’s honest and open on that front, which is great. No hint of any scams and feedback and reviews on the product and company are all positive. We’ve not been able to find any reports of bad customer service.


Ultimate Life are a British based supplement company who are currently channelling most of their energies into Leanbean. This is something often overrated. Companies with a giant arsenal or products often end up with too much on their plates.

Leanbean ships worldwide, the site has a comprehensive Q & A section and the team are easily contactable if that doesn’t cover it. Best of all there are no shady free trial offers. Instead they offer a 90 day money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

How Do I Take It?

Users take 4 servings of 1 capsule a day.

This is spot on. Evenly spread servings about every 3 hours means active ingredients get regular top ups and won’t tail off later in the the day. Especially important with appetite suppressants.

Any Leanbean Side Effects?

No side effects have been reported with Leanbean and judging by the label we wouldn’t expect any.

Where Can I Get It?

You’ll find Leanbean at the official website for $59/£35 which buys you a month’s supply.

Ingredients – In Detail

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

A good choice for a fat burner not only for it potent antioxidant qualities but its noted metabolism boosting effects. B6 also promotes muscle growth by increasing the absorption of vital amino acids and proteins and muscles equal less body fat.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12

An effective energy booster which also helps speed up the metabolism and encourage muscle growth through the efficient processing of essential proteins.

Green Coffee Bean

Green Coffee Bean

Green coffee bean isn’t here for the caffeine, it’s here for the cholorogenic acid. It reduces the ability of the liver to breakdown glucose and removes that as a source of energy. The result? Fat is burned in it’s place.




Chromium is an essential mineral, found in green leafy veg amongst other places. It has a role in regulating blood sugars and balancing insulin. Though there’s not much evidence it contributes directly to weight loss, the influence on blood sugars means it can help to control appetite and lower food intake.

Acai Berry

Acai Berry

Acai Berry is full of vitamins and antioxidants to aid general health, but also fiber which can contribute to healthy digestion and possibly help keep you feeling fuller and less likely to experience cravings.


Green Tea

Green Tea

Key to any fat burner’s effectiveness is it’s thermogenic profile and they don’t come much more impressive than this powerful antioxidant. Green Tea’s catechins stimulate a fat burning hormone called norepinephrine, which naturally raises the body temperature, vastly increasing the number of calories burnt.




Turmeric is a spice with a range of general health benefits, mainly thanks to the curcumin in it which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It can help balance insulin, blood sugars and control cholesterol. It has also been seen to suppress fat tissue growth.




An effective natural appetite suppressant which owing to its high fiber contentment swells in the stomach, making the user feel fuller sooner and less inclined to get hungry for longer.

Glucommanan is the only ingredient which is allowed to be marketed in the UK as a ‘proven appetite suppressant’. So in other words … it works.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia

The Hydroxycitric Acid in Garcinia Cambogia has had some success in clinical trials suppressing the enzyme which dictates how much fat is drawn from carbohydrate. However, we cannot support this as an ingredient. Research has shown that hepatotoxicity can occur and the ingredient is an increasingly common source of this. This document from the National Institutes of Health casts doubt on it’s effectiveness as an effective fat burner.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne is one of the best natural ways of starting thermogenesis in the body. The capsaicin in this ingredient melts away extra calories by heating the body up, then expends more again as our system tries to cool back down.

Black Pepper Extract

Black Pepper Extract

Included for no other reason than it allows the other elements to be better absorbed by the body. This is the more generic version of Bioperine, a patented version.

Raspberry Ketones

Raspberry Ketones

We’re not massive fans of this and knocked marks of the formula for it. Nothing unsafe about it, it jsut doesn’t have a glittering clinical pedigree in humans. There is only 8mg in the formula though, so it’s not worth getting worked up about. If you want it, it’s in the mix.

Anything Missing?

Caffeine is missing, but then not really ‘missing’ it as it’s deliberately left it out. Leanbean is a super low stim fatburner, the only caffeine is the small amount in the green tea extract. The turmeric and B vitamins are there to accelerate the metabolism in place of caffeine. So you can still enjoy a coffee while you take Leanbean.


So as you’ve seen there’s plenty to like about Leanbean.

If you are looking for a well formulated fat burner without caffeine then we’d recommend you give this a try. It’s in our top 3 list of non-stim female fatburners.

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