• Positives

    • Uses natural and clinically proven ingredients that boost memory, focus, mood, and overall cognition
    • Safe to take long-term (no risk of side effects)
    • Contains no caffeine (or any other stimulants)
    • Contains no preservatives or harmful chemicals
    • No proprietary blends - full disclosure of ingredients and their doses
    • Highly bioavailable ingredients with Biogenesis technology, using natural cofactors for enhanced absorption
  • Negatives

    • The premium price tag can deter some people
    • You can only buy the product from their official website
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall: 9.6/10

After reading this Mind Lab Pro review, you’ll know everything about this product’s ingredients, benefits, side effects, and pros and cons.

Mind Lab Pro is a pre-formulated nootropic that helps you:

  • Clear brain fog
  • Improve focus
  • Enhance creative flow
  • Sharpen memory
  • Boost mood

It achieves these effects by optimizing several brain pathways, including:

  • Brain energy
  • Neurotransmitters
  • Neuroprotection
  • Cerebral blood flow
  • Neurogenesis

In this science-based review, we’ll take a closer look at the ingredients of Mind Lab Pro.

This will allow us to get a clear picture of just how effective this nootropic is and whether it is worth your time and money.

Let’s get to it:

What Makes Mind Lab Pro Stand Out?

Your brain is extremely energy-hungry.

It weighs less than 2 kilograms, yet it consumes over 20% of the total energy your body produces.

One of the reasons for this is due to the brain’s extreme complexity. The brain is the command center of your body; it performs countless functions to keep everything working properly.

Because of this level of complexity, most nootropics only focus on boosting one aspect of brain function, such as:

  • Focus
  • Mood
  • Memory
  • Word recall

But Mind Lab Pro takes this to another level.

This nootropic uses 11 science-backed ingredients to optimize 6 different brain pathways.

These include brain recovery, neuronal growth, brain chemicals, cerebral blood flow, brain energy, and neuroprotection.

Since it boosts all aspects of cognition, Mind Lab Pro is a universal nootropic that works for:

  • Students
  • Busy professionals
  • Elderly
  • Athletes
  • Chess players

And just about anyone who wants to have an optimized brain.

What’s more, Mind Lab Pro’s ingredients come in Plantcaps. Which are natural vegan capsules.

And on top of it, Mind Lab Pro uses BioGenesis technology; this means that the ingredients are nature-identical and use natural cofactors which enhance their absorption in your body.

Mind Lab Pro Benefits

There are three key benefits that Mind Lab Pro offers:

  • Improved memory – Mind Lab Pro enhances your short-term and long-term memory by optimizing cerebral blood flow, boosting neuron signaling, and increasing the growth of new nerves and brain cells.
  • Optimized mood – Mind Lab Pro doesn’t just sharpen your memory and cognition. It’s also an effective nootropic for depression. It works by enhancing your brain’s alpha waves, which are linked to states of relaxation and calm focus. Mind Lab Pro also boosts your serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, neurotransmitters that regulate your mood.
  • Enhanced focus and creativity – Many ingredients in Mind Lab Pro work in synergy to boost your focus and concentration. This is achieved by increasing the amount of available dopamine in your brain, along with boosting alpha brainwaves which boost productivity and creative flow states.

So, how does Mind Lab Pro achieve these effects? Let’s look at the ingredients to find out!


Each ingredient in Mind Lab Pro has its own role in boosting your brain performance. Yet they all work in synergy to enhance each other’s effect.

Additionally, every ingredient in Mind Lab Pro comes at a therapeutic dosage range.

Since the ingredients in this product potentiate each other, you need smaller doses to achieve the optimal effect.

Another huge upside to Mind Lab Pro is that it doesn’t use any proprietary blends. You can clearly see each ingredient and its dosage.

This is a fair policy by Mind Lab Pro’s producers; by showing all of the ingredients and their dosages, they hide nothing from you.

By contrast, many supplement producers use proprietary blends that hide individual doses of each ingredient, only showing you their combined dose.

Citicoline (250mg)

Mind Lab Pro uses Cognizin, which is a patented form of citicoline. This form of choline easily crosses the blood-brain barrier to synthesize phosphatidylcholine (PC). PC is found in your brain cell membranes and is critical for proper neuron signaling. In other words, by taking citicoline, you literally feed your neurons, which leads to improved, memory, focus, attention, learning, and word recall. (3)

Rhodiola Rosea (50mg)

Rhodiola Rosea in Mind Lab Pro contains 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides, which is the same ratio that occurs in nature. This herb specializes in boosting your resilience to stress and alleviating depression. It regulates serotonin, noradrenaline, and endorphins in your brain to help you deal better with challenges and mental tasks – helping prevent fatigue. (4) It also promotes neurogenesis; the growth of new brain cells.

Bacopa Monnieri (150mg)

Mind Lab Pro’s Bacopa Monnieri contains 45% active bacosides. Bacopa is one of the key memory nootropics in Mind Lab Pro. It protects your brain by boosting antioxidant activity, along with boosting the growth of dendrites. Dendrites are small extensions of your neurons; in essence, longer dendrites mean faster and better communication between your brain cells. Bacopa also boosts your GABA and serotonin neurotransmitters, which alleviates anxiety and improves overall mood. (5)

Maritime Pine Bark Extract (75mg)

Maritime Pine Bark extract contains proanthocyanidins, which belong among the most potent antioxidants in nature. Pine Bark extract is even more powerful than Bacopa at protecting your brain from oxidative stress. This ingredient also boosts blood flow in your brain, allowing for faster nutrient and oxygen delivery to brain cells. It also reduces ADHD symptoms and improves focus, making it easier to learn new information. (6)

Phosphatidylserine (PS) (100mg)

Supplementing with phosphatidylserine clears your brain fog, improves focus and memory, boosts information processing speed, and enhances overall cognition. This makes perfect sense when you consider that PS makes up 15% of your brain’s entire phospholipid pool. (7)

Lion’s Mane Mushroom (500mg)

Lion’s Mane Mushroom is the only mushroom with nootropic properties. It boosts brain health in several ways (8):

  • Repairs brain cells
  • Promotes neurogenesis
  • Stimulates Nerve Growth Factor
  • Helps form myelin sheath around the nerves, protecting them and enhancing their signaling
  • Helps you form new memories

N-Acetyl Tyrosine (175mg)

N-Acetyl Tyrosine (NALT) helps you maintain peak mental performance during stress, fatigue, and mentally challenging situations. NALT is an amino acid and a building block for neurotransmitters such as dopamine and epinephrine. By boosting these brain chemicals, NALT improves your mood, motivation, and focus – especially during stress, which is when these chemicals would otherwise get depleted. (9)

L-Theanine (100mg)

L-Theanine reduces anxiety, improves focus, promotes deep sleep, and lowers blood pressure. It achieves this by boosting alpha brain waves, which link to states of creativity and relaxed focus. L-Theanine also helps you solve problems, enhances your studying experience, and improves alertness.

B6 (2.5mg)

High homocysteine levels often lead to irritated and damaged blood vessels, including those in the brain. Getting enough vitamin B6 prevents this from happening. Alongside protecting your brain, B6 also helps synthesize myelin sheath around your nerves, and is responsible for a number of enzymatic processes in the brain.

B9 (100mcg)

Vitamin B9 or folate plays a critical role in myelin creation and repair, neurotransmitter synthesis, and gene expression. It also works together with other B vitamins to regulate your homocysteine levels – protecting small blood vessels in your brain.

B12 (7.5mcg)

Your brain needs vitamin B12 to create vital neurotransmitters dopamine, serotonin, GABA, and norepinephrine. That’s why people with low vitamin B12 levels often suffer from mood disorders. What’s worse, chronically low B12 can lead to cognitive degeneration over time.

How to Take Mind Lab Pro (Dosage)

One serving of Mind Lab Pro contains 2 capsules.

You should take 1 serving of Mind Lab Pro in the morning or evening, with food to help with the absorption of fat-soluble ingredients like Bacopa Monnieri.

You can take up to 2 servings (4 pills) of Mind Lab Pro per day if you’re looking for an extra mental boost.

But don’t take more than 4 capsules within 24 hours.

How Long Does it Take for Mind Lab Pro to Work?

While Mind Lab Pro works immediately for some users, the major benefits of this nootropic come after taking it for at least 2 weeks.

Full effects of Mind Lab Pro start to show after about 1 month of supplementation.

That’s because of ingredients such as Bacopa, which slowly build up in the brain over time and provide long-lasting benefits. This includes improved memory, enhanced focus, and elevated mood.

Should You Cycle Mind Lab Pro?

The producers of Mind Lab Pro recommend cycling their product for optimal benefits.

Since our body develops a tolerance for new ingredients over time, you should cycle Mind Lab Pro in either of these two ways:

  • 4 weeks on, 1 week off
  • 5 days on, 2 days off

This will ensure that Mind Lab Pro’s benefits stay with you long-term, without any tolerance build-up.

Side Effects – Is Mind Lab Pro Safe?

After a lot of digging and diligent research, we concluded that Mind Lab Pro is one of the safest and cleanest nootropics on the market right now.

The product doesn’t contain any additives or unsafe chemicals. All of the ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are natural and clinically tested for safety.

As long as you stick to the recommended doses, you can safely take Mind Lab Pro long-term.

Who Makes Mind Lab Pro?

Mind Lab Pro is developed at Opti Nutra by the Mind Lab™ team. They are located in the United Kingdom.

Opti Nutra developed this premium nootropic stack with the goal to create “the first Universal Nootropic” that doesn’t just boost one aspect of cognition. Instead, Mind Lab Pro boosts all brain pathways to enhance your overall mental performance.

And Mind Lab Pro is intended for all types of people. Whether you’re a student, a professional athlete, or a person who wants a sharper memory and better mood.

This nootropic can even be used to enhance cognition in people over 55 years of age!

Mind Lab Pro Customer Reviews

Since Mind Lab Pro is only sold through its official website, this product doesn’t have reviews on Amazon. This is a great thing since it doesn’t allow the competitors to write negative reviews on purpose.

That said, it’s nice to see real and honest reviews from people that used Mind Lab Pro. Such is the case with Reddit and forum users. Here’s a quote:

Mind Lab Pro Reddit Reviews

“MLP was my introduction to nootropics. I started taking them due to depression & anxiety, among other things, and it worked for me. On it, I had a more positive outlook on life (even while things were f*!~ked up), more optimism, felt calmer, had more confidence and an extremely clear mind.

On nights I would binge drink and have a hangover, the following day I would pop 2 pills and they would remedy my headache much quicker than my normal routine of heavy fluids and rest. It works!” – goldenyellow333, Reddit user (1)

The same Reddit user was asked how long did it take for him to work, he replied:

“I don’t recall how long it took for Mind Lab Pro to work but I would say worst case scenario is 2 weeks.

Being that they are all natural supplements, hopefully, it won’t take so long. I started at 2 pills and stayed at 2 pills. There is nothing wrong with taking 4 a day. I did not have any withdrawals from taking them.” goldenyellow333, Reddit user (1)

Mind Lab Pro Longecity Reviews

“It’s quite good for verbal intelligence, I’ve used it a couple of times before I did my Biohacking consultations. I try to batch process my Biohacking consultations, I will do four or five 25 minute calls in an afternoon, and it’s important that…

I am able to answer the (sometimes quite complicated) Biohacking questions my clients have (that a lot of times they couldn’t find the answer with a Google search). I’m a good empathetic listener and am able to stay energetic and positive.” – jroseland, Longecity user (2)

Where to Buy Mind Lab Pro?

At the time of writing this article, Mind Lab Pro isn’t sold on Amazon or any other 3rd party site.

You can only buy Mind Lab Pro from their official website.

This is a smart policy because it prevents Mind Lab Pro from being falsely reviewed by the competitors.

Another reason why Mind Lab Pro isn’t sold on Amazon is that its producers don’t want it to be linked to other, low-quality supplements on the site.

[Edit: Actually it is – stolen Mind Lab Pro has been found on sale on Amazon USA (July 2019). We understand Opti-Nutra is trying to get it removed, the listing also has (no surprises) a load of fake reviews urging users to buy competitors’ products.]

On their site, Opti Nutra (the manufacturers or MLP) offer discounts for buying Mind Lab Pro in bulk. Such as, order 3 bottles of Mind Lab Pro and get the 4th one free of charge.

How Much Does Mind Lab Pro Cost?

As we said, Mind Lab Pro is available on their official website, and there are a number of options to choose from:

  • 1 bottle (lasts 1 month): $65 + shipping and handling
  • 2 bottles: $130 + shipping and handling
  • 3 bottles + 1 free (the best deal): $195 + FREE shipping and handling

Mind Lab Pro Refund Policy

If you’re not satisfied with Mind Lab Pro after 30 days of using it, you can return the product and they will refund you the money (minus shipping).

To be qualified for a refund, the user must have used one full bottle of the product while taking the recommended daily serving of 2-4 capsules.

Other FAQs

Is Mind Lab Pro worth it?

Considering that it contains 11 science-backed ingredients that boost your long-range cognition, and with many positive user reviews, Mind Lab Pro is in our opinion more than worth it.

When should I take Mind Lab Pro?

You should take 2 capsules of Mind Lab Pro in the morning or evening, depending on your preference.

Is Mind Lab Pro legal in Australia? Yes, Mind Lab Pro and all of its ingredients are legal in Australia and can be shipped there.


Mind Lab Pro is a natural, stimulant-free nootropic formula that enhances several brain pathways:

  • Brain circulation – Mind Lab Pro improves cerebral blood flow, helping to deliver nutrients and oxygen into the cells, which helps with neuron signaling and thought processes.
  • Neurogenesis – Ingredients such as Lion’s Mane in Mind Lab Pro enhance your brain’s ability to repair and grow new brain cells. This not only helps prevent cognitive decline, but also improves memory, mood, word recall, and overall mental performance.
  • Brain cell protection – Bacopa monnieri and certain B vitamins in Mind Lab Pro have antioxidant activities, protecting your brain from oxidative stress-induced damage. What’s more, Lion’s Mane in Mind Lab Pro helps build myelin sheath around your nerves, which further insulates your brain cells and protects them from damage.
  • Neurotransmitters – Many ingredients in Mind Lab Pro work to enhance your serotonin, dopamine, GABA, noradrenaline, and adrenaline neurotransmitters. As a result, Mind Lab Pro is an effective nootropic for alleviating depression and boosting your mood.

These benefits come from 11 clinically-backed ingredients found in Mind Lab Pro. All of the ingredients are tested for safety and efficacy and have high bioavailability.

You can buy 1 bottle of Mind Lab Pro for around $60. You can also buy 3 bottles and get one for free.

On top of this, Mind Lab Pro offers a money back guarantee.

If you’re not happy with Mind Lab Pro after 30 days of using it, you can return the bottle for a refund, minus shipping.

It’s clear to see that the producers of Mind Lab Pro have gone an extra mile to ensure that their product stands out from the rest.

The packaging quality, branded and thoroughly tested ingredients, organic and natural co-factors that enhance Mind Lab Pro’s bioavailability. These are all details that make a big impact on the overall quality of the product – putting it head and shoulders above the rest.


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