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Sheer Thermo Review

One of the most important aspects of any natural fat burner is its thermogenic kick. The ingredients that will heat your body way up and start melting some serious calories without you having to do much of anything.

That’s why a supplement like Sheer Thermo, which seemingly makes this process its main selling point, is worth a closer look.

Sheer Thermo

From the team at Sheer Strength Labs, this product confidently promises accelerated fat burn, improved muscle definition and increased metabolism.

Music to the ears of anyone looking to drop the wrong kind of weight, no doubt, but is it a promise Sheer Thermo keeps?

Let’s check it out.

How Does It Work?

Having reviewed Sheer Strength products before, I know their policy to avoid proprietary blends, which means every ingredient is listed individually with its volume right there on the label, which is great.

Regardless of how Thermo comes out overall, they deserve credit for this.

At a Glance

  • Norepinephrine creation through green tea catechins
  • Forskolin adn Yohimbe for direct fat burning
  • Caffeine to stimulate metabolism, hordenine to help
  • 5-HTP for the serotonin feel-good factor

The Scores

Sheer Thermo

There are a few good things about Sheer Thermo. The yohimbe is well judged, as is the caffeine which is boosted by Hordenine. But the only true thermogenic ingredient is tea and they could’ve strengthened even that. Disappointing when it’s your main selling point. Added to one or two speculative choices and a poor serving schedule we can only give a middling score.


Though there are problems with Sheer Thermo it is relatively cheap for burner and does have a good amount of stimulants included, so isn’t necessarily a terrible purchase.


No testimonial section on the company website means trying to get a sense of it from customer feedback to retailers. It has 4 out of 5 stars based on quite a lot of reviews, but they lack the detail legitimacy of dedicated testimonials.


Sheer Strength are subject to all the good manufacturing practises expected of a U.S based company and like we’ve already said they refuse to use proprietary blends, which is a good thing. That said the Thermo name is a little unrepresentative of the formula and at least one ingredient isn’t backed up by much research.


Sheer Strength are a highly professional company with a growing number of products to their name. They offer a full money back guarantee and unique little touches like a military discount. They don’t have quite the track record of some more established companies and we take issue with a few of their formula choices but on the whole they’re solid.

How Do I Take It?

2 servings of 1 capsule, first when you wake then with lunch. Not terrible impressive. Handy? Sure. Effective? Not so much. That’s not going to be nearly enough to keep what fat burning ingredients there are going consistently for the whole day. The best burners suggest 3-4 servings, evenly spaced.

Anything Missing?

No help with natural appetite I’m afraid. When those cravings hit you’re on your own.

The thermogenic profile could’ve been much stronger. Cayenne pepper and green coffee bean are great support for green tea, but are AWOL here.

How Do I Take It?

Where Can I Get Sheer Thermo?

Sheer Thermo is available from Amazon.com for just under $25. It is not currently for sale in the U.K.

Sheer Thermo – In Detail

The active ingredient in this member of the mint family is Coleus Forskohlii. In 2005, 30 overweight subjects found in a clinical trial that taking 500mg of this every day for 12 weeks reduced body fat and increased testosterone. The catch here being that the 500mg Forskolin stated on the label only has 10% Coleus Forskohlii extract, so technically you only get 100mg over two servings.

Green Tea Catechins
No burner putting its thermogenic effects front and centre would dare not include green tea. The catechins in this potent antioxidant stimulate the creation of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine. This heats up your body expending additional calories and then even more again as it starts to cool back down. Our only complaint here is they’ve been a little shy with 300mg a serving. This puts the thermo in Thermo, go to town!

Natural stimulants are really essential for effective fat burning and not many are as reliable as caffeine. Not only does it speed up your metabolism, but it provides important energy to sustain you after reducing your calorie intake. 200mg is the right area for getting results while avoiding side effects.

Bacopa Monnieri
In a fat loss context Bacopa Monnieri has been shown to raise Thyroid Hormone T4 levels in people with an underactive thyroid, causing them to lose weight. Little research has been done on healthy individuals though which makes 200mg a bit of a gamble. Surely a more proven choice would’ve been better?

5-Hydroxytryptophan is a direct precursor to serotonin, one of the main feel good chemicals in the brain. 5-HTP’s only function is to convert into serotonin, making it one of the most effective natural ways of raising levels and boosting mood.

Hordenine is not a stimulant in its own right but it does act to enhance other stimulants, particularly caffeine. Essentially it does this by blocking the reuptake of Noradrenaline. May make stimulant profile too strong for some.

Yohimbe is with the ability in the right dose, to not only help with burning fat and improving mood. In 2006 a study found that 20mg of yohimbe split across two doses as it is here reduced fat in soccer players without sacrificing lean muscle, supporting the idea that yohimbe allows improved fat burning during exercise. It can cause side effects above a certain level but is fine here.


Decent on the stimulant front, but what Sheer Thermo needs to be a real contender is some appetite regulation and, ironically more thermogenic components.

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