• Positives

    • All natural
    • Strong thermogenic ingredients
    • Good energy and metabolism enhancers
    • No proprietary blends
    • Trustworthy company
    • Good value for money
  • Negatives

    • No appetite regulation
    • Contains Synephrine which can cause side effects
    • Only available in U.S
  • Ingredients :
  • Price :
  • Trust :
  • Testimonials :
  • Company :
  • Overall: 8.9/10

Shred Jym Review

Shred Jym is a natural fat burner from the range produced by Jim Stoppanni. Straight away that name is good news.

Not only does this renowned bodybuilder know a thing a two about shedding unwanted pounds, his popular brand of supplements commit to using all-natural ingredients. That means no ridiculous proprietary blends.

Shred Jym

Shred Jym states two refreshingly simple aims; to boost energy while cutting excess body fat. Judging by the label there’s plenty here capable of achieving that goal, with a few notable hiccups.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Acetyl-L-Carnitine to boost energy
  • L-Tyrosine to help mental focus
  • Green tea, cayenne pepper extract and synephrine for fat burning
  • Caffeine to stimulate metabolism

We’ll get look more closely at these picks and how they work in just a minute, first though, the overall scores…

The Scores

Shred Jym

There are some real high points in this formula. Strong green tea and cayenne pepper presence to really get those thermogenic effect cookings, while Acetyl-L-Carnitine and L-Tyrosine are interesting choices that show some promise.

200mg of caffeine on top of the other stimulants here might be too much for some. Even if schizandra fruit can take the edge off a bit, it’s not really here in enough volume to do that effectively. You want to burn fat, of course, but you want to make sure you feel well while your doing it.

The lack of any appetite control at all is a real let down. There are many good high fibre options which would’ve made Shred Jym a more well-rounded burner.


Shred Jym is pretty good value compared to some other burners on the market. You have to weigh the reasonable price against some of the problems mentioned above though. It’s also only availabe at Bodybuilding so you can’t shop around for any more of a bargain on it. Even with a few issues though, Shred Jym is a solid budget option.


Jim Stoppanni’s range of supplements are well respected in the industry and he has a dedicated customer base. Almost to the point of having a cult following. His use of all natural ingredients and no proprietary blends shows above board motives, so we weren’t suprised to find very little negative press.


Due to his exclusive deal with the site, most of Shred Jym’s reviews are found on Bodybuilding.com. These vary a little in terms of detail provided, which is not ideal. A testimonal section is always more detailed. However most of the feedback is glowing and our only concern is it seems to more about the man than his product.


JYM Supplement Science has great credentials, an impressive website and full discloser of where supplements are manufactured (USA). There is no apparent history of customer service or marketing problems. We’d like to see his products available from more than one place, but beyond that, no complaints.

How Do I Take It?

Users should take 4 capsules a day. Normally we’d say this is bang on, but bizarrely it’s suggested you take all 4 at the same time.

The beauty of 4 capsules is they can be spaced out into servings so fat burning effects keep going evenly through the day. Front loading into one big serving means your bound to see effects begin to tail off the later it gets.

Shred Jym Side Effects?

Perhaps because Stoppanni was a bodybuilder and is made of sturdy stuff, he doesn’t realise his burner may be a bumpy ride for some.

The sheer volume of stimulants could lead to dizziness, insomnia, heart palpatations and nausea for some.

It’s also worth pointing out that synephrine (especially when combined with caffiene) can raise blood pressure and leave you at risk.

Where Can I Get It?

Customers can get Shred Jym exclusively from at Bodybuilding.com. A 2 month supply of 240 capsules retails for $35.46 (£31.70).

Ingredients – In Detail

Acetyl L Carnitine


Acetyl-L-Carnatine has limited use in a fat burner. It has the ability to reduce muscle damage during exercise, alowing you to recover faster, and get back in the gym to kose weight the old fashioned way. In terms of direct fat burning though, it only seems to have an effect in older people. Young and middle aged subjects saw no benefits. So not completely useless, but not worth the huge 1500mg here


L Tyrosine


Again, L-Tyrosine doesn’t have any direct fat burning ability but it’s not a complete write off. Studies show it can increase mental sharpness, particularly when the body is under stress. This applies to exercise and keep you more focused in the gym. Shred Jym iwill make you do some work to burn fat. Sadly L-Tyrosine has been sucessful at higher doses than 500mg


Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is a strong choice because the catechins in it stimulate the fat burning hormone, norepinephrine. This will start a thermogenic effect, heating your body up and melting more calories. The energy it then takes your system to automatically cool back down uses up more calories. Green tea is the also packed with antioxidants so 500mg is a great call. Happily, the first ingredient in Shred Jym that works while you get a sit down



Caffeine is probably the most effective and safest natural stimulant you’ll find in a burner. It not speeds up your metabolism, but also provides much needed energy boost. This will help you avoid stamina crashes linked to a reduced calorie diet

200mg of caffeine is a solid amount and shouldn’t cause problems on it’s own, but combined with the other stimulants included, sensitive users should be careful.


Cayenne Pepper


Capsimax is just a brand name for cayenne pepper extract and does the same thing. The capsaicin compound in cayenne pepper is another great thermogenic choice. It healts and cools the body, melting calories in the same way as green tea. So a great choice.


Schizandra Fruit

Schizandra is a traditional remedy for stress. In research on mice it has shown it can affect the seretonin/adreneline changes caused by stress in the same way as Diazapam. Still, we reckon there needs to be more human studies and much higher dose than 125mg if it’s going to take the edge off stimulant heavy Shred Jym.


Bitter Orange Extract


Bitter orange extract as it’s also known, is a popular replacement in burners that used to use ephedra. Ephedra is banned by the FDA, as it causes a serious risks to heart health. Synephrine is the supposedly safe version that raises metabolism in the same way. However trials show that when combined with caffeine as it is here, synephrine also sends blood pressure dangerously high. In our opinion it’s not worth the risk.


Anything Missing?

Maybe it’s Jim Stoppanni’s bodybuilder mentality again, wanting to you to put in the hard work, but there’s no appetite control here at all. You’re on your own with those cravings.

We don’t see any problem with a burner helping you keep a leash on your hunger though. There are plenty of natural options to help you do this safely, so it’s a shame none of theme are here.


Shred Jym has some pluses for sure. Plenty of green tea, cayenne pepper and caffeine for starters.

But problems with unproven and under-dosed ingredients are clear too. There’s a lot of focus on helping you to exercise and burn fat, rather than just burning fat.

And while we respect Shred Jym’s natural, no proprietary blend approach, we think it’s a little mean not to lend a hand with cravings.

Reasonably priced and a viable budget option, it is up there with the best, but not quite at the pinnacle.

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