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Vexxum Review

Vexxum from ProSupps is a fat burner that makes a lot of the promises you might expect. ‘Intense ultra-concentrated thermogenic metabolizer’, ‘appetite control and mood support’ and ‘three state caffeine blend for long lasting energy’ to be exact.


What makes Vexxum a little different however is it also claims a ‘True one capsule daily dose.’

We’ve yet to see a burner that can work consistently and well on just one capsule a day, so we’re pretty sceptical.

Although it would be convenient as hell if true. 

So like the poster in Fox Mulder’s office on the X-Files said, we want to believe! Let’s see how it stacks up.

How Does It Work?

At a Glance

  • Three types of caffiene to boost metabolism & provide energy.
  • Yohimbie, Lotus Seed & Rauwolfia to burn fat.
  • Octopamine, Theacrine & Sulbutamine to further support focus & energy.

As always we’ll have more detauls in these choices further on in this review. First though, let’s deal with the overall scores…

The Scores


Vexxum will certainly have an effect. With the focus pretty much entirely on stimulants, you can bet your energy will be up with that metabolism working overtime at least for a while. The problem is how one dimensional it is.

Where are the serious fat burners? And with 3 variations of caffeine in one half a gram serving, you’re bound to experience some crashes during the day. The lack of clarity around yohimbe – which can cause side effects in some doses – isn’t ideal either.


It might not be the smoothest ride but as we say Vexxum may well produce results and $30 for a month and a half’s supply is actually good value.


No full marks here because of the strong stimulant profile combined with a single capsule a day serving schedule. Add to that some under researched ingredients and a proprietary blend hiding dosages and it could be a lot better.


No testimonial section on the official site means customer reviews are your only guide. It’s currently rated ‘good’ on Bodybuilding.com. Most feedback is positive with a few dissatisfied users. More detailed testimonials would’ve helped tell who’s right.


ProSupps is a well respected and successful company with a range of products to their name. They’re available across many retailers, and mostly receive strong reviews. However, they’re not shy with the synthetic compounds and proprietary blends which we would prefer to avoid.

How Do I Take It?

So now we come to the famous 1 capsule dose claim. It all seems to come from the Hordenine in the formula which can intensify and prelong stimulants. Still, 1 ingredient keeping the half a gram of stimulants going at their peak for 24 hours? Unlikely.

The most sucessful burners usually settle on 3 or 4 servings a day to keep active components topped up and working for you all day, with no drop off.

Given Vexxum is nearly all stimulant, taken all at once the chances of an energy crash at some point are quite high.

Any Vexxum Side Effects?

So many stimulants means if your sensitive or not use to them you could experience sickness, headaches, diziness, insomnia and racing heart.

Not having the amount of Yohimbie used is potentially a problem too. Too much can bring on anxiety and stomach problems, so it’s a real gamble.

Where Can I Get It?

Customers can get Vexxum from Bodybuilding.com for just under $30. This buys you 45 capsules which is over a months supply.

Ingredients – In Detail


Sensibly used, it’s a great natural stimulant, helping to safely speed up your metabolism. It also provides much needed energy to avoid stamina crashes from a low calorie diet. The question mark here is over the dose which we don’t have. Too much is unpleasant, but this is just one of many ingredients fighting for a share of just over 600mg, it should be okay.


Cocabuterol (Coca Seed Extract)

Coca seed is a pretty speculative choice. In vitro studies show that compounds in it, like N-Coumaroyldopamine and N-Caffeoyldopamine, stimulate the beta receptors which promote fat burning. Sadly though human studies have been unimpressive.


Infinergy (Dicaffeine Malate)

This is a mix of more caffeine and Malic acid. The makers claim the body absorbs their product better than normal caffiene cutting down on side effects. We couldn’t find any clinical evidence to support this however and for that reason we think it’s probabaly just clever marketing.

Lotus Seed Extract

Sometimes called Nelumbo Nucifera, there are a couple of rat based studies suggesting lotus flower has both weight lossy and appetite controlling effects. Again though, human studies are pretty rare. So it’s still a bit of punt as far as we’re concerned



Theacrine is structurally very similar to caffeine and its effects are pretty much the same also. Extra energy is the benefit again. So far Vexxum has been incredibly one-note.


Hordenine HCL

This is a nutrient included because studies show it has the ability to intensify and extend the effects of other stimulants. It does this by blocking the reuptake of Noradrenaline, and may be central to the whole one capsule dose claim. We’re still not convinced. It may help but keeping 600mg going strong for 24 hours is a big ask.


Octapamine HCL

Designed to increase motivation and alertness. Its very similar to norepinephrine, the fat burning hormone, but any effects in that area have yet to be proved in humans. It must have some effect on performance though, as Octopamine is currently banned by the World Anti-Doping Agencies.


Caffeine Citrate

This is just as its name suggests, the citrate salt of caffeine. It has the same effects as caffeine anhydrous the only differences being it’s faster acting and a little less potent. But alongside all these other stimulants maybe that’s a good thing.


A rare break from the usual for the stimulant heavy Vexxum. Yohimbe can effectively limit fat cell metabolism, aiding weight loss. The problem is too much can cause side effects and we don’t have any exact amount.



This is a lab made cross of two vitamin B1 molecules tied together by a sulphur group. There’s very little evidence it helps with fat burning, but at least some showing it helps guard against fatigue. This is just one study though and it used almost as much as Vexxum’s entire formula.


Rauwolfia Vomitoria Root Extract

The Rauwolscine percentage would be helpful here. That’s the active part of this ingredient, which functions a lot like yohimbe. By limiting fat cell metabolism again lowering the body’s need to store fat.


Anything Missing?

Thermogeneic ingredients like cayenne pepper and green tea might have been a little more gentle on the system than just cranking the stimulants up to 11. And although caffiene can limit hunger in it’s own way, their are healthier ways to naturally control appetite. So a bit of that might’ve been nice.


Vexxum is no dud but some of the choices made in this burner make its users a specific type.

If you don’t mind plenty of stimulants lighting a fire under you for a few hours a day so you can put in all the fat burning leg work, Vexxum is a great buy.

If you’re looking for a more natural option that’s better rounded and easier on your body, keep looking.

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