Here we have an in-depth review of Sugar Bear Sleep Vitamins and their ingredients, side effects, benefits, and more.

This product claims to:

  • Help you sleep faster
  • Improve the quality of sleep
  • Promote feelings of relaxation

Featuring the likes of melatonin, lemon balm, and l-theanine. It’s clear Sugar Bear Sleep Vitamins did their homework in regards to choosing the right ingredients for helping you fall asleep.

That said, some of the ingredients in this product are a part of a proprietary blend. You can’t tell their individual doses.

Not only that, but some ingredients are underdosed. This brings up the question: will Sugar Bear Sleep Vitamins actually help you sleep?

There’s only one way to find out!

Pros and Cons

Pros (The Good)

  • Contains 6mg of melatonin per serving, a dose that’s shown to promote sleep.
  • Uses valerian root and passion flower, ingredients which can reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep. However, they are a part of a proprietary blend so it’s impossible to tell whether they are effective or not.
  • Positive customer reviews.

Cons (The Bad)

  • Uses a proprietary blend – you can’t tell the dosage of each ingredient in the blend and whether they are effective.
  • Ironically, this product contains sodium which is shown to actually disrupt sleep.
  • Underdosed ingredients – including magnesium and l-theanine.
  • Uses magnesium oxide, which your body can’t absorb. Worse yet, it can cause diarrhea.
  • Price of $30 dollars can deter some people.

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How to Use

Using Sugar Bear Sleep Vitamins is simple: just take 2 “gummy vitamins” per day.

Ideally, you shouldn’t take this product early in the day since it can make you feel drowsy and sleepy.

You might wonder, should you take Sugar Bear Sleep Vitamins with or without food?

My suggestion is to take it with food. Preferably with your last meal before bed.

The reason being is, some of the ingredients in the product (e.g. l-theanine) are better absorbed with fat.

How Long the Bottle Lasts

One bottle of Sugar Bear Sleep Vitamins has 60 gummy tablets.

So if you take 2 tablets per day, it will last you one month.

Considering that the price of one bottle is around $30, the cost will add up if you use it month after month.

But if the ingredients are of high quality, then the price tag will surely be justified for most people. Let’s see if that’s the case: